About Ben Brink

Ben, a Golden Retriever, was born on 27 January 2006.

Ben is famously known as the world's naughtiest dog! Anyone who visits Paradise Beach, should be warned that they would be welcomed by Ben and he would most likely help himself to a souvenir (shoes are his favourite!).

Ben is the owner of Erf 5119, 38 Zeus Street. He has, in a roundabout way, been trained by a dog called "Weskus", who has now retired to Calypso Beach.

Sadly, Ben passed away on 14 February 2019, but his spirit will live on forever on the shores of Paradise Beach and in the hearts of the countless people that will remember him fondly.

Ben Saves a little girl from drowning

Six years ago (in 2012) at Paradise Beach in Langebaan, Ben and his owners were spending some holiday time at Speelhuis.
The beach is beautiful, but one spot has a dangerous riptide.
One afternoon, Paul Du Plessis, a neighbour, was standing and braaiing on his deck, looking out over the beach.

He witnessed the following scene:
“A lady was standing on the beach, and her little girl who looked to be about 6 or 7 was right in front of the rocks, by the riptide drop off. She was clearly struggling in the waves, and her mother was powerless to help,” Paul recounts. “Before I could do anything, I saw Ben swimming out to this little girl. When he got to her, she grabbed onto his back without hesitation, and he swam her to safety. As soon as the little girl got to shore, her mother held her tight, obviously moved and shocked by the close-call.”

The two left the beach before Paul could speak to them, but in his mind, there is no doubt that Ben had saved the child’s life.
“Somewhere out there, is a child who is alive thanks to Ben,” He says.
And Ben is still looking out for kids when he is at Paradise Beach.
“This weekend,” says Paul, “my kids were swimming close to that spot. Ben stood on the beach and barked at them until they came closer to shore. Once they were in the shallow area, he just left them alone and continued on his way.”
“I think Ben really understands the dangers and wants to protect these kids.”