West Coast Watersports


To be a good kitesurfer, you have to be a good kite flyer! Learn to master the art of this popular watersport, or at least try to, with lessons offered at Kiteboarding Collective in Langebaan. Shark Bay is a world renowned kitesurfing spot, and is also one of the most beautiful places on the lagoon.


Windsurfing on the Langebaan lagoon is all about experiencing clear waters and blue skies, adrenaline and pure ecstasy. With its flat water and wind conditions, Langebaan attracts windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the world and is internationally recognised as a top boardsailing spot.


Langebaan is perfect for boat owners, as the Langebaan Yacht Club is situated just opposite The Farmhouse Hotel. The club offers most amenities and uses a converted oyster factory for its jetties and slipway. The slip and winch are capable of hauling a yacht of up to 11 tons and the club is approached by a buoyed channel with a least depth of 3m.

Boat trips starting at the Parks Board Lodge take tourists around the lagoon during the flower season and lagoon meanders are offered throughout the year. There are private boat charters available for those who would like to sip champagne whilst anchored in the middle of the lagoon and guests are welcome to book for charters at The Farmhouse Hotel.


With only the sound of the birds and the water lapping against your craft, kayaking is a serene experience of nature. Take a morning spin for a fresh start to the day and watch seals with their morning catch, as you paddle out onto the azure waters of the lagoon. In Spring, you might catch a glimpse of a whale surfacing or be delighted by a school of dolphins, playing in your small wake.


Bring your surfboards with as you might get some crackin’ sets coming in. In this picture is Speelhuis owner’s friends, Percy and Craig, getting their surf on.

Jet Skiing

Jet skis are available for rental at Club Mykonos.