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West Coast Flowers
West Coast Flowers
In Spring on the West Coast, the usually subdued coastal vegetation, bursts into a vivid explosion of colour. The brilliant flower display has inspired a country wide pilgrimage for years, and now international tourists of all ages and from all origins make the floral expedition. Langebaan’s kaleidoscopic landscape seems like a dream, with the turquoise lagoon meeting the sky and is arguably the best setting for viewing the flowers. Spend a day on foot or riding a bicycle through the West Coast National Park near to The Farmhouse Hotel, where the flowers stretch further than the eye can see and offer an unrivalled experience in natural beauty.

As if by a magical spell, the West Coast comes alive with a thick covering of psychedelic colours between July and October each year.  Folks from all walks of life make their pilgrimage from Cape Town, other parts of the country and even from abroad, to witness all the amazing floral designs on nature’s palette.  Whether you like to skip through the daisies, make floral necklaces out of them, roll in them or you just like to stare at them and take snapshots with disposable cameras, you’ll be loving these flowers every which way that you can.

Flower Season

Remember to call the FLOWER HOTLINE when in need........

Call the Flowerline for up-to-date information all year round on 083 910 1028.

Nothing can beat the experience of taking a horseback ride through nature to witness the wicked flower display.  Windstone Equestrian Centre, offer trail rides as well as children’s riding camps and team building. Windstone's scenic, rugged beauty is spread over six hectares of vastly different vegetation, from leafy avenues to sweeping views across the open veld.

West Coast

Make sure you get yourselves over to Postberg Nature Reserve, which only opens in August and September, for flower covered landscapes that resemble a celestial vision. The largest concentration of mammals is in the Postberg Reserve, but this part of the park is only open during flower season. However Eland, red hartebeest, Cape grysbok, caracal and rock hyrax can be found throughout the park.

Remember to take the scenic route to The Farmhouse Hotel!
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